All in the Mind goes all parasitic

I’m a big fan of All in the Mind, a radio program on neuroscience, psychology, and all things brain-ish, produced by Natasha Mitchell for Australia’s ABC Radio National. So it’s a double pleasure to hear her new episode about how parasites alter behavior. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “All in the Mind goes all parasitic

  1. Absolutely one of my favourite radio shows, preceded by the excellent The Science Show. I generally contrive to be having a bubble bath while listening–a fond Saturday ritual.

    I thought of you while listening to it yesterday. In the final semester of my degree in a few months, I’m taking a unit on parasitology, and might well be using some of the fabulous examples in Natasha’s ep yesterday. (And Parasite Rex will come in handy too!:)

  2. Did you consider the obvious parasite of civilized humans?

    Of course I speak of the tiny minority of the civilized, the `elite’ of civilization.

    The `elite’ of civilization manipulate The People of The Masses of civilization in all manner of ways including all those used by the parasites of non-human life.

    The `elite’ of civilization are critically dependent on the People of The Masses of civilization, whereas The People of The Masses of civilization do not need the `elite’ of civilization at all, and indeed, The People would be far better off without the `elite’.

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