Do you feel the need to read?

I’ve update my blogroll over in the right-hand column. New blogs, fixed links. Much good stuff!

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  1. I do, actually. (Feel the need to read.) But this is not about that.

    I was aware of your tattoo collection, but never looked at it until today. There are some amazing works there; I have to wonder how long some of them took to apply, and how much pain was involved. I think of myself as fairly well-versed in science, but more than one went over my head. Perhaps more description would be in order. Or, these might form the basis of a “recognize this” contest.

    There’s one called “Macroscope” (page 10, lower right.) Are you familiar with Piers Anthony’s novel of that name?

    Actually I was looking for one in particular and I didn’t find it in your collection.

    The link is here:

    Scroll down to the last picture. The original source is Deviant Art, but I haven’t been able to find it there.

  2. Carl…Laelaps (Brian) is now at Wired as of the 14th (today) so that one needs to be updated—or people can follow your link, and then click on Brian’s link to go to his new blog.

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