Gasp! My new article on global warming and oxygen

gasping fish440It’s becoming increasingly clear that global warming may trigger many changes beyond the obvious change in temperature. Earlier this year I wrote about how rising carbon dioxide is driving down the pH of the oceans, with some potentially devastating consequences. Today in Yale Environment 360 I look at a potential change that’s also starting to get scientists very worried: a drop in the oxygen dissolved in the world’s oceans. Check it out.

[Image: Christopher Sebela on Flickr]

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  1. Unbelievable. Mr. Zimmer is stil only evolutionist known for me, which is hot dream believer in warming masquerade. What about your experience with roaring history of life and this planet? I dont understand you, really 🙂 Maybe your environment is deeply distinct from universities at former soviet vasal states…

    [CZ: I’m afraid I don’t quite understand you either. If you’re saying that a familiarity with the history of life should convince one that global warming is a masquerade, then you haven’t been talking to paleoclimatologists like I have. The geological record shows that rising carbon dioxide leads to rising temperatures and other changes to the Earth. Extinctions are a fact of life, and pulses of extinctions have been linked to rapid changes in the physical conditions of the planet.]

  2. So the water organisms will have to adapt to changing conditions, making life on Earth more resilient and adaptive – so that the next time an asteroid hits earth, it will take far less time for the biome to recover!

  3. re: #3

    Maybe so, but that is little comfort for the individual organisms and species suffering from climate change right now. It is little comfort indeed for ANY organism living right now. (That, by the way, includes us).

    Because organisms do NOT adapt. Populations adapt. Organisms just live or die. And the faster the adaption (the stronger the selection pressure), the more present death.

    And there’s no guarantee that adapting to be more resilient to one type of climate change will make those populations more resistant to other kinds of catastrophes. It can just as easily make them more vulnerable.

  4. Survival in these years requires knowledge and expertise and I believe without nurturing oneself, reading survival books sure theirs way we anybody can fight global warming or any related environmental catastrophes.

  5. Just another sample of why I do not waste money on Discover Magazine any more.Coulda, woulda, shoulda is not science.That global warming caused by mans CO2 byproduct is so real and dominant on the current temps eh.Which will happen first, bankrupty for magazine or a clear man caused rise in overal global temp.

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