The force of blog nature known as BORA! has decided he does not like the Pepsi aftertaste and is leaving Scienceblogs. I’m just back from a wonderfully rain-soaked vacation in Ireland, so I’m scrambling to get back up to speed. I won’t update my post on the scienceblogs diaspora till this afternoon. But in the meantime, read the epic farewell from BORA!

0 thoughts on “BORA!

  1. Hmmmm, for the first time I just noticed with the juxtaposition of your two photos that you guys look like you may have been separated at birth!! (…this is how rumors get started 😉 Anyway, Bora will land on his feet, bustling, wherever he goes.

  2. Add Mike Dunford, Superbug, Zuska, and Speakeasy Science to the list and the hot news (well lukewarm by now ) PZ is on strike.

    I and many others no doubt, will be relying on your little list to find some of our favourite bloggers in the coming weeks. Also thank you Carl for providing the service.

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