The Net of Science [Science Tattoo]

brazile neurons cropGabriel writes, “I’m a Brazilian biologist. I had the idea of tattooing a neural net as a form of tribute to scientific, logical thinking and the rational understanding of the world.”

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  1. This tattoo actually brings up a big debate from late 19th century neuroscience. It depicts a neuronal syncytium, which is what Golgi thought axons did. Cajal thought otherwise, asserting that axons made contact mainly with dendrites, not other axons; that those contacts were appositions, not fusion events; and that information flowed from the presynaptic axons to the postsynaptic dendrites, then to the cell body, then out the cell’s axon, onward through the network. By and large, Cajal was right. The gap junctions of the nervous system, which are fairly common between astrocytes and between the dendrites of inhibitory neurons, do form an electrical syncytium, but even there, the pores connecting cells are at nanometer scale. At the scale of this drawing, the gap junctions still look like appositions.

  2. That looks very painful. Recently i watches a video on youtube about a girl who was about to be tatooed. She was screaming, that was too awful. Never a tattoo!

  3. I recently decided on getting a half sleeve and one of my ideas for the major part of a design was a neural net, and for the same reasons, as an ode to my belief in science and rationality! I will definitely show this to my artist when I come to him with my concept. Great tattoo Gabriel, absolutely love it.

  4. That´s pretty cool! I love tattoos, i have more or less 27, not big ones, but more smaller ones. They are wonderful, but on the other hand its a quite expensive hobby. Who cares, i love tattooing my body.

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