The Taste of Science [Science Tattoo]

umami440Ariel writes, “I am happy to see that other science dorks like myself have inked up our passions. This is the molecular representation of glutamic acid, the amino acid associated with the Umami flavor, the proverbial fifth taste. I am a former chef turned public health major and fell in love with the elegance of chemical compounds but never forgot my unctuous roots.

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5 thoughts on “The Taste of Science [Science Tattoo]

  1. Also the reason Mono-Sodium Glutamate (MSG) makes things taste stronger. I’ve always wondered if ingesting large amounts of MSG has neurological effects as the glutamate is more readily absorbed as opposed to the body having to do the chore of ripping apart the covalent bonds in meat peptides. I’m sure there have been studies done but never a clear explanation of the effects of the G in MSG as it is one of the most ubiquitous neurotransmitters.

  2. Ouch.

    This compound does not exist!

    At physiological pH the NH2 group should be NH3+ and both of the COOH groups should be COO-. In order to get the carboxyl groups to the structure drawn you need to get the pH to below about 2. And, then there will still be a NH3+ on the molecule.

    Likewise, to get to the NH2 form by raising the pH to 10 or above will leave the molecule withe two COO- groups.

  3. Oh NO!
    Non-biochemist gets a tattoo – permanently imprints version which does not exist (pka value conflict)

    Source: biochemist whom is heavily covered with tattoos.

  4. Well you little wanna be chemists. Of course this structure exists but just not in a watery solvent. As a powder( just like the one you cook with) its perfectly fine 😉

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