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3 Quarks Daily Science Prize – the finalists cometh

3Qd finalistsThe editors of 3 Quarks Daily have finished their deliberations and compiled a list of finalists for their Science Prize. The good news is I’m in, and thanks to everyone who submitted a post and voted for one. The bad news is that the competition is immensely stiff (although no real surprises here – these are some of the finest science bloggers around).

It’s all down to Dawkins now.

In no particular order, here are the finalists:

  1. Cosmic Variance: Free Energy and the Meaning of Life
  2. My Growing Passion: The Evolution of Chloroplasts
  3. Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gut bacteria in Japanese people borrowed digesting genes from ocean bacteria
  4. Observations of a Nerd: Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs
  5. Scientific Blogging: MSL: Mars Action Hero
  6. The Loom: Skullcaps and Genomes
  7. The Primate Diaries: Chimpanzees Prefer Fair Play to Reaping an Unjust Reward
  8. The Thoughtful Animal: Does oral sex confer an evolutionary advantage? Evidence from bats
  9. Why Evolution Is True: The Evolutionary Calculus of Depression