Time to Vote For 3 Quarks Daily's Science Prize

Thanks to everyone who nominated posts from the Loom for 3 Quarks Daily’s Science Prize. Now it’s time to vote!

If you need some background information on the prize, go here. You can then peruse the list of nominated posts here. Great stuff abounds, so you won’t hurt my feelings if you decide someone else’s post is the best! When you’re ready, vote here. The deadline is June 7, 11:59 PM eastern time.

The top 20 vote-getting posts will then be judged by the folks at 3 Quarks Daily, who will then pass their top 6 to Richard Dawkins. Dawkins will then select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winner. Winners will be announced June 21, 2010.

0 thoughts on “Time to Vote For 3 Quarks Daily's Science Prize

  1. As a neuroscientist, I am interested in blogs on Neuroscience topics. I’m also interested whether any Neuroscience blogs made the finals.

    In general, I’ve never been impressed by Neuroscience blogs (with the frequent exception of some of Carl’s).

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that NO NEUROSCIENCE BLOG ENTRIES MADE THE FINALS*.

    (*There were a few seemed borderline topics, but none dealt with brain or brain mechanisms).

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