Stomping Through the Permian [Science Tattoo]

Triolobite foot440Mandy writes, “I am actually a microbiologist, but my side interest is the trilobite. I went in thinking I’d just get a small black outline of a trilobite, and the tattoo artist was so excited that I wanted a trilobite, and insisted on designing something more complicated for me. So attached is a photo of my right foot. It’s like a pet trilobite that follows me everywhere.”

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0 thoughts on “Stomping Through the Permian [Science Tattoo]

  1. Hi Carl,

    Yet another superlative addition to your science tattoo collection, but am really interested in reading a subsequent blog entry from you on Derek Briggs-led team’s discovery of an Early Ordovician Burgess Shale-type fauna from the early Ordovician of North Africa.



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