Soul Made Flesh–A Late, Late Rave!

While perusing the latest issue of the  Journal of the History of Neurosciences, I was surprised to discover a review of my book Soul Made Flesh. It’s been six years since it came out. I guess the stack by their nightstand is pretty tall!

But I certainly don’t mind the wait when it’s a review like this:

This book is a joy to read. Zimmer has crafted a pleasant style, leveraging his talents that were cultivated during his time as a newspaper journalist. The texture of the pages and the typesetting suggest an old-fashioned printing and binding for the book; it’s pleasant to handle and easy reading. Several chapters are adorned with period illustrations by Christopher Wren. For anyone interested in the birth of contemporary medicine, social philosophy, and religion, this is a wonderland of enticing history. In fact, most people interested in this period of history will find the book is an entertaining read; one that is difficult to put down.

Fortunately, the book is also still in print six years later, so you can get yourself a copy if you’re interested. Since the book looks at the birth of neurology 350 years ago, it’s not out of date!

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  1. Hi Carl,

    I’m wondering if or when you’ll write another book in this genre (historical science at a time of changing philosophy and religion).


  2. Not quite Zimmerian, but a similar-type book, and one I liked a lot, is:

    “The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science”
    by Richard Holmes.

    Covers a period from about 1780 to 1830 in British scientific and intellectual history. As with “Soul Made Flesh”, some great surprises. Intellectual issues are, in a sense, a continuation of these in Carl’s book.

  3. I am late to the party as well, but plan to read this book soon. I like how CZ presents ideas ‘from their origins’ (i.e the historical perspective).

    After having read Jerry Coyne’s ‘Why Evolution is True’ and Richard Dawkins’ ‘Climbing Mt Improbable’, I am currently reading Carl’s excellent book ‘Evolution: The Triumph of an idea”. As an Computer Science and Engg guy, my background in biology is minimal, but I find that these guys are such good writers that I can understand and appreciate all of the stuff.

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