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Photo safari – carpet python


A carpet python, photographed at Perth Zoo. From this angle, you can clearly see the heat-seeking pits on the lower jaw. The python uses these to detect the body heat of its warm-blooded prey.


5 thoughts on “Photo safari – carpet python

  1. When I was growing up, we had frog ponds all around the house (their croaking fueled a life-time hatred of frogs), but one year a pair of carpet pythons came and sat in the frog ponds for a while. Apparently, they sometimes do things like that to loosen their skin before moulting.

  2. I read somewhere that those heat receptors are perhaps the most accurate sensory systems in the animal kingdom, capable of discerning variations in temperature of less than 0.0001 °C! (or was it 0.001 °C? Still impressive anyway)

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