On Growth and Ink [Science Tattoo]

Nautilus tattoo440Alex, a graduate student studying human biology and evolution, writes, “As an undergraduate at I was fortunate enough to study On Growth and Form by D’Arcy Thompson. His synthesis of mathematics, classics and biology was an inspiration to me, and drove me to pursue science as a career. Though I am now studying to be a paleoanthropologist, my tattoo of an (idealized) ammonite fossil is a reminder to me of the material and mathematical processes behind all living things. Plus extinct cephalopods are more aesthetically appealing than hominin skulls.”

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  1. I,Myself have dozens and they are all reminders. Some religious, to remind me to be good and kind, some names or initials, to honor loved ones. They are a conversation piece or just because I like em!!! go get one…………… Today dammit

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