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Photo safari – Orangutans Part 1

One of the bright sides of being stranded at Perth by a giant ash cloud was a visit to Perth Zoo and, particualrly, visiting their orangutan exhibit. I’ve been to quite a number of zoos in my time and that had to rank with the best enclosures I have ever seen. The zoo is part of an international conservation programme and its six or so orangutans have a sizeable area to roam around, complete with tall towers, ropes, ladders and more. The next couple of posts will showcase some of the photos I took of these animals, and will help to fill some bloggy time as I wind my weary way back to the UK.

We start with the baby, who was undoubtedly the highlight of the day. Just try and look at these photos without grinning.





After taking the shot below, I asked a keeper about whether the orangutans ever undid the fixtures in their enclosure. She grinned and told me about the story described in this news report. One of the females actually undid a rope and swung out into the visitors’ area, showing remarkable restraint in just ambling along the wall and in not making a Tarzan noise. Because, clearly, that’s what you or I would have done.

6 thoughts on “Photo safari – Orangutans Part 1

  1. Of course the orangutan didn’t make a “Tarzan noise;” orangutans generally make soft chirping noises unless one is hearing a lone adult male doing his long call. Chimps are very vocal and noisy. Orangutans are amazingly peaceful and gentle — and so very intelligent. I enjoyed these photos of yours very much.

  2. Awesome pictures. I am amazed every time I watch orangutans at their intelligence and grace.

    What did you think of Perth itself? Big fan of the city

  3. Simon – didn’t get to see much of it, unfortunately, but I liked what I saw. Nice cafe culture, Kings Park is great etc. But bloody hell it’s expensive. More so than London, and that’s saying something.

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