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Stupid volcanoes…

This is a quick announcement to say that you might experience a slightly reduced service on this blog in terms of not responding to comments or fixing errors. I am currently in Perth and stranded by the continued eruption of Eyshsknaahskkehallyffelejokull. I have a roof and somewhere to work during the day, but everything’s a bit surreal and disjointed with no real word as to when the homeward flight will happen.

There’ll still be posts though. Probably.


18 thoughts on “Stupid volcanoes…

  1. Somebody oughta keep a database of Eyjafjallajokull misspellings — intentional and unintentional. Though my sense is the general procedure in most media outlets is to avoid it entirely.

  2. Just think… at least you weren’t stranded in (rapidly melting) Iceland! Here’s hoping your travel plans get sorted soon…

  3. I don’t understand why everybody talks about being stranded. You-all don’t need to stay where you are. There’s a whole world out there! It is only Europe that is under a cloud. Visit Africa. Visit South America. Visit India. Go to Mongolia and ride the rails all the way to England.

  4. Oh yeah sure, because everyone’s on a massive fucking holiday, we all have no jobs or families to get home to and we all have endless amounts of money to burn. Before posting insensitive crap like this, I would cordially suggest that you pause for a second to consider how utterly frustrating this experience is for people who are stuck far away from home and keep your Lonely Planet suggestions to yourself.

  5. I’m sorry, Ed, I don’t mean to be insensitive. I know your family misses you, and you them. But you don’t get home any sooner by waiting where you are! Surely the airline would be just as happy to take you most of the way home, say to Spain or Italy? The trains are still running, aren’t they? Or are they entirely overbooked now?

    If they’d listened to me, you could have got home by catapult across the channel. Terminal ballistics laugh at ashfalls.

    By the way, have you taken the opportuntity to visit Chris Taylor, of “Catalogue of Organisms” fame? I think he’s in your immediate neighborhood.

  6. Believe you me, I have tried every possible option to get to mainland Europe and then negotiate my way home via ferry, car to train. It’s impossible – there’s no way of actually booking a fresh ticket there until early May since the airlines are already having to cope with the massive backlog of passengers with existing tickets. The best option I found was to fly to Athens via Sydney and Dubai, take a train to Pathas, sail across to Bari and then three trains to Bologna, Paris and London. That would take from next Monday till next Saturday and cost £1500 of my own money. Might as well wait for the airline to recommence flights.

  7. I’m still a bit confused, though can I deduce that you are in Australia?

    If in Oz, why didn’t you tell your readers? (Maybe you did, on Twitter, which I don’t read?)

    Commiserations anyway at the inconvenience, which must be a first-rate embuggerance, though there are worse places than the Australian Perth (if that’s where you are).

  8. Yep I’m in Australia, but for a work trip. No point in telling readers if it wouldn’t impact on the blog or if there wouldn’t actually be time for meeting up.

    There are indeed worse places to be stranded than Perth (Hong Kong airport, for example), but it’s a minor consolation when there’s no clear answer as to when I get home. That being said, things are looking up with Heathrow reopening.

  9. Oh wow… early May is pretty far away, I didn’t know it would be so long. As an Australian though, I hope you’re having an okay time here. At least we have decent internet and good beaches. If you end up coming the the eastern states, send me a tweet. I’m based in Canberra, but could easily go to Melbourne or Sydney (or me old hometown, Adelaide) for a weekend.

    That said, I remember when I was stranded in England once. It was awful being on the wrong side of the world jetlagged and away from family, not to mention the crazy accents. When I came back I realised the Australian accent is the weird one. Commiserations. Let me know if I can help.

  10. The more boring the place, the longer the names. It is like people had nothing better to do than mumble a sentence and have it mean a place or a person. wtf meant nothing until life got zippy thanks to a bunch of tubes.

  11. I’m in Canberra too, so if you ever chance to fetch up here, a fan meeting may be possible. In the meantime, fingers crossed that you can get home before too long.

  12. Good luck, Ed. I’ve been in your shoes before. Ok, I lied. Can’t say I’ve been in your position before. I was stranded on a mountain for 3 days when the weather turned bad and the helicopter couldn’t pick us up on time. We had to draw lots to see who we would eat first. I’m sure you have lots of food choices in Perth though…stay away from stringy wildlife biologists…they just get stuck in your teeth. Thanks to that we now have an opening for an extra body for our far north project on Hudson Bay this summer. Want to come along? 😉

    -dan hoping-to-make-you-smile andrews

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