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Please read – feeds and blogrolls

Hi folks,

So Google Reader tells me that only around 1 in 8 people who are subscribing to my feed have switched across to the new one (http://feeds.feedburner.com/notrocketscience/) from the old one (http://feeds.feedburner.com/scienceblogs/Ruxi).

To clarify again, Discover have redirected the old feed to the new one, but this will only work for a couple more weeks. You’ll need to manually update your feed readers with the new URL.

This also applies to those of you with the fancy Blogger blogrolls that automatically update with latest posts from different blogs – you’re going to need to manually update that too.

Thanks all. I’ll be posting reminders of this from time to time so bear with me – just don’t want to lose any valuable readers.


6 thoughts on “Please read – feeds and blogrolls

  1. Yes it works now, but it’s a temporary workaround. It will stop working in a few weeks unless you manually update.

  2. Now that you’re on Discover, I don’t have to go to your blog individually any more. Saved me a couple of clicks and a bookmark slot. (I’m lazy.)

  3. Since the old feed is still working, people do not have an incentive to switch to the new one. People are lazy.

    So, stop posting on the old feed, post some really cool stories on the new one, then after a couple days post a summary of the cool new stuff on the old feed with a “Here’s a taste of what you are missing”, and tell those people, Hey, you wanna read this stuff? Go sign up on the new feed!

    There should be some study out there of the response rate of those people who are actually warned about a change actually doing something before the change happens. In my old days at a cell phone company, when we switched voicemail platforms for an area, we gave customers two weeks notice on how to setup voicemail, new password, yada yada, and about … 1 in 8 would actually set up their voicemail before the switchover.

  4. Okay clearly I’m not explaining things well enough.

    For the moment, the old feed IS the new feed. I’m not posting things to the old blog. I’m posting things here. The new feed has comandeered the old feed so that they are one and the same.

    The big difference is that in a few weeks, people who have updated to the new feed will carry on getting posts. People who are still signed up to the old feed will get a 404 message.

  5. I get email updates, and I don’t see that option for that for the new feed. Am I going to have to pull out RSSOwl again just for you?

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