Medusa [Science Tattoo]

CROPPED JELLYDave writes, “Following my degree in Zoology, I worked in public aquariums for several years before becoming a lecturer in Animal Science, so I’ve always has a bit of a ‘fishy’ background! I’m also studying stress in marine fish for a research degree. I’ve always been fascinated by evolution, and to reflect this, I decided to get inked with a Haeckel – this is a medusa from ‘Art Forms in Nature’. Haeckel was clearly a proponent of evolution, and although his ideas weren’t 100% correct, the man could draw!

“The tattoo is courtesy of the always-brilliant Jon Nott of Guildford, Surrey (U.K.).”

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  1. Brilliantly done. Very original and creative. This totally exemplifies the spirit of the Science Tattoo Emporium! Not only has Dave gone “all in” with a huge tattoo, he braved the needle on the ribs, one of the most difficult places on the body to get tattooed. Was this from one session or were there multiple sittings involved?

  2. Wow, thanks! This was completed in one two-hour session, and it was pretty darn painful – I can vouch for the ribs being a difficult bit to get inked. Totally worth it though – no pain, no gain and all that. And the tattooist, Jon Nott, totally rules… Thanks guys! Dave

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