What Is Man? [Science Tattoo]

Linneaus tattoo600Todd Disotell of New York University writes,

As an evolutionary primatologist, I had a tattoo of Charles Darwin’s first drawing of an evolutionary tree put on my forearm to commemorate his birthday last year.  This year for my birthday, I had Carolus Linnaeus‘ original 1735 definition of the order Primates tattooed onto my other forearm.

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  1. RE “Carolus Linnaeus‘ original 1735 definition of the order Primates”: via the Wikipedia areticle on Linnaeus, the 1st ed. of Systema Naturae in 1735 used the term “Anthropomorpha” with “Primates” not introduced until the 10th ed. in 1758.

    Very nifty though 🙂

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