Darwin Out of Africa

DarwinHere’s the course of Charles Darwin’s ancestors out of Africa over the past 50,000 years or so. It’s based on an analysis of the Y chromosome belonging to his great-great grandson. Details here.

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  1. My wife and I bought each other these kits for christmas in 08. We did it early enough to get the results back so we could read them to each other on christmas day. It’s a cool thing, knowing when / where your ancestors travelled.

  2. Does anyone know whether the female equivalent, namely mitochondrial markers, follow the same path?
    There was a recent report (sorry, no time to search for reference) about human male that brought agriculture to Europe out competing the local males but not discriminating against local females. Did Darwin’s maternal genes arrive to Europe or England first?

  3. I’m of Japanese descent. I wonder how many Asians have contributed to this project, and how much information there is available for non-Caucasians?

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