Dinosaur Colors: Now Officially Redonkulous

anchiornis illustrationI seem to have ended up as the Dinosaur Feather Color Bureau Chief at the New York Times. After discovering colors in fossil bird feathers, scientists found colors in dinosaurs last week. But this week another group of scientists has got the color pattern across a dinosaur’s entire body.

Imagine: Silver Spangled Hamburgs of the Jurassic!

Image courtesy of National Geographic. Check out their 3-D version.

0 thoughts on “Dinosaur Colors: Now Officially Redonkulous

  1. Great article, Carl. Can’t wait to see whether the early tyrannosaurid Dilong from the Liaoning fauna has a similar color scheme (And if so, would it be too much to ask that none other than Tyrannosaurus rex might have had a similar one too. Am reminded of an animated “Star Trek” episode where Kirk, Spock and McCoy are chased by a T. rex-like predator with brightly colored plummage.).

  2. Mr. Zimmer,

    I thought you’d like to know that the multimedia link embedded in the NYTs article is the same link as the article, therefore one can’t get to the multimedia presentation.

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