A Glint From Across The Solar System

I know that this is Bad Astronomy‘s usual bailiwick, but I had to post this. It’s a glint of sunlight reflecting off the surface of a lake of liquid hydrocarbons on Titan, a moon of Saturn. When I look at it, I wonder what diesel-fueled creatures might be swimming below.  More details here.

0 thoughts on “A Glint From Across The Solar System

  1. Liquid hydrocarbons yes but not water! Ah, yet!

    When our star expands into a red giant there might be hopes for it! But very very small chances!

    [CZ: We must shed our hydrocentrism and embrace our methane-based overlords…]

  2. I never thought I’d live to see the glimmer of alien seas.

    Before someone thinks to correct me about this being a lake and not a sea, team members from the University of Arizona believe this is a reflection off of Kraken Mare, which is larger than the Caspian Sea.

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