Life in the Dice [Science Tattoo]

embryo-tattoo-cropped1.jpgArnaud writes, “I am a geneticist interested in the processes that make every individual unique. This tattoo symbolizes a living being as the result of a ‘game of life’ where random and deterministic processes interacts together. Genes provide a solid framework, but random and external factors have an equally important role in determining who you are.”

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0 thoughts on “Life in the Dice [Science Tattoo]

  1. Interesting. I hate to be a party pooper, but is it that hard for people, especially scientists, to make sure they depict the DNA duplex as a right-handed helix?

  2. I don’t know if you already have this in your tattoo “collection”, but Dawkins’ latest book has a colour plate of an Australian student’s back with a tattoo of the Hillis circular “plot of life”.

    What some people do for science!

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