End of the Week: Radio news and web site restored

It has been a week of crazy writing–four pieces ranging from short to way too long. Hence little blogging. I apologize. I will reform. I will honor the blogger’s code. Monday.

In the meantime, two bits of news.

1. Radio: I will be on Coast to Coast AM at 10 pm Saturday PST/ 1 am EST to talk about bedbugs. We are in the midst of a bedbug Renaissance, and I intend to be its Dante. Details to come here.

In more radio news, I was just on New Hampshire Public Radio talking about global-warming-driven evolution. Listen here. (Oh–and for a kick, watch this hot-button two-fer drive a global-warming-denialist creationist craaaazy.)

2. Finally–carlzimmer.com is back in business. If you’re in New York, LA, Vancouver, New Haven, Denver, or Ithaca NY, be sure to check out the talk page. I’ll be adding more stuff very soon. (And please get in touch if you organize talks and want to chat about my giving one!)

A good weekend to all, free of bedbugs except the bedbugs of the mind…