Feel Free to Introduce Yourself

I’m going to be quite busy this weekend (what with two papers to write, an anthology to edit, packing for the big camping trip, and a much-delayed trip to Cape May), so I’ve decided to open this de-lurking thread. Who are you, and what do you like about Laelaps? I have a general idea of how many people stop by this blog on the average day, but I would love to better get to know you all. By telling me what you like about this blog, as well, you are not only giving me encouragement but also providing important feedback so that I can keep this blog going strong. Whether you wish to introduce yourself in the comments or not, though, thank you very much for reading!

Update: Thanks to everyone who has replied so far! Your comments have been extremely encouraging and helpful. I also wanted to mention that if you wish to remain anonymous/pseudonymous, that’s perfectly fine. I just want to get a feel for who my readers are in a general sense and I respect that many people want to keep their “real-life” identities private.

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