Happy anniversary to us

If it were not for my wife, Tracey, this blog would probably not exist.

What you see here every day are the end-products of my efforts. What you do not see are the hours of research and writing that go into producing that material, and I could not do it without Tracey. She usually hears my ideas first, be it about an exciting new discovery or some scientific statement that has ruffled my feathers, and I truly cherish the fact that we can “speak geek” to one another. She also gives me the space to write and has not tried to discourage me from turning our apartment into a small library.

More importantly, though, Tracey has always encouraged my writing. Even though the tangible returns for the time, money, and effort I have put into writing have so far been relatively minimal her support for my efforts has been unwavering. This has been particularly important on those days when I feel stuck or that my attempts at science popularization are inconsequential. Throughout my life I have often been told that I should just give up on science, words that still sometimes haunt me, but Tracey’s faith in the modicum of talent I possess helps to keep me going back to the keyboard. You can thank her for this blog’s continued existence.

I don’t know what I would do without Tracey. When I met her five years ago I had no idea that she would change me so profoundly. Her ceaseless encouragement and affection have given me the courage to chase after my dreams, and I treasure the life we share. Today marks three wonderful years of marriage together, and I look forward to many more.

(And “Happy anniversary!” to Julia and Paul, too!)

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