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chaucerwikicrop220.jpgI’m delighted to report that I’ve been appointed the first Visiting Scholar at the Science, Health, and Environment Reporting Program at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. I’ve felt like an informal visiting scholar there for a while now, having given talks and spoken with classes of journalism students a number of times. But I was particularly impressed on a recent visit when I could see how they’re grappling head-on with the changing nature of journalism. Nobody gets out of there without knowing how to shoot and edit video, for example. So while I’ll be offering my thoughts on how to thrive (not just survive) in science journalism in years to come, I’m hoping to learn a few new tricks myself.

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  1. My alma mater! How cool. Congratulations! (I’ll leave off the wistful comments about how not only was there no video editing class when *I* was there back when dinosaurs roamed, but how we used MANUAL TYPEWRITERS that didn’t even have a correction tape, so we had to X out any errors. Hmmm. Guess not so much on the leaving off the wistful comments, huh?)

  2. Congratulations, Carl. Hope this means we’ll have more of a chance to see you here in NYC talking about science to an interested general public audience.

  3. Congrats! Maybe we should try to get together one of these days, since this means you’ll continued to to be pulled to NY all the time. Also should get you together with Clay Shirky, big pundit on the topic of the demise of print.

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