A Million Ankles And You've Got A Laptop [Science Tattoo]

circuit-ankle440.jpgBenjamin writes, “The tattoo on my ankle is of a one-bit binary full adder.  It one of the most basic building blocks of all computer chips.  The flow of binary state would be from left to right as oriented in the picture.”

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0 thoughts on “A Million Ankles And You've Got A Laptop [Science Tattoo]

  1. Although I always thought it would be great to have a tattoo of a dorsal view of a skeleton of Hydrodamalis gigas on my back, I have always chickened out because of the needle thing.

    For years I’ve been jealous of one of Neil Shubin’s postdocs, Marcus Davis. He has beautiful tattoos of early tetrapods, including ones with the correct numbers of digits (of those that had 7 or 8 digits).

    Either way, I wonder if anyone out there has paleontology-related tattoos?

  2. Congratulations for these Science tattoos in your website. I’d really like to send my tattoos to your site. I’m brazilian and live in Belem in Amazon region. I’m a biologist with Master degree in Social Science and I’m studing a Educacional Publics Polices in my Doctor Degree. Would you like my tattoos here?
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  3. I think it is funny none of these comments are actually about my tattoo. Thanks for posting it Carl, hopefully people like it, even if nobody has commented on it.

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