First Look at Microcosm Paperback

Microcosm will be coming out in paperback in July, but the new cover is already posted online. I like the design very much, although I must admit I’m crossing my fingers that in a couple weeks we’ll need to make a last-minute change

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  1. I just finished reading the hardcover edition this morning. I especially enjoyed the last couple of chapters. The “New Scientist” quote on the new cover is a good one.

  2. Bought it on Kindle, thanks! (It was the first book I read on my Kindle, actually.)

    Since not all the science books I want to read are available on Kindle, may I suggest (in my own self-serving way) that a lovely topic for a post might be science books you recommend that **are** available on Kindle?

  3. Carl: I am reading the copy you autographed for me in Tulsa. As with your other work, it is VERY good and an enjoyable read. I greatly enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the SWARM meeting.

  4. I watched Bonnie Bassler on TED (Discovering Bacteria’s Amazing Communication System) recently and couldn’t help but think of the glowing colonies on the cover of your hardback version everytime they showed her skirt. I won’t add the link as I trust any curious person could go find this themselves. Regardless, her talk was great. The new cover looks good too. I love SEMs. Looks like bacteria encountering a macrophage.

  5. Yes, best wishes. Microcosm is a very worthy book, and that’s some pretty heady company it’s in. The nominees remind me of the exceptionally good crop of popular science books that have come out recently. I look forward to your next (well–not Tangled Bank because I can’t afford that one, but the next one I can afford).

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