What Is Life? The Radio Version

In connection with my recent lecture on life, I had a good interview with the local NPR station in Oklahoma. We talked about making life from scratch, Microcosm, and the microbes that are eavesdropping on you from the inside. You can listen to it on this embedded player below, or download it from the KWGS web site.

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  1. Kwandongbrian: Click on the “listen” button. You should go to a new page with the mp3 player. On Firefox, there should be a button on the right end of the player, and if you press it, you should be able to choose to save the file.

  2. Listen button?

    “Science Writer Carl Zimmer says scientific breakthroughs could alter the definition of life Rich Fisher
    Listen Now This looks right but exists as the player, not a link to a different page
    TULSA, OKLAHOMA (2009-03-27)
    Science writer Carl Zimmer examines the definition of “What is life?” in the JW Powell Memorial Lecture Sunday at the University of Tulsa. His latest book, “Microcosm:E.coli and the New Science of Life”, published by Pantheon Books, explains that this tiny bacteria, feared by most of us in its virulent form, has had an enormous impact as a research tool in expanding our understanding of biology and biochemistry this past century. Five Nobel Prizes have been won for researchers using E.coli has their test organism. © Copyright 2009, kwgs”

    I’ll listen online.

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