Alien Jaws, Mutant Microbes, And Darwin's Trip to Hollywood

My lecture on Darwin’s birthday last month has just been posted online on the web site of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, one of my gracious hosts in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Here’s a review from Bora Zivkovic at Blog Around the Clock.)

A higher-resolution version of the talk is available from Itunes here.

Watch it and learn what Darwin and G.I. Joe have in common…

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  2. It’s not immediately obvious where to find this talk on iTunes. Underneath the description of the NESCent series are several tabs. Click on the rightmost tab “Evolution Speakers Series.” Good talk!

  3. Excellent talk!

    Are there any good books out there that cover the evolution of intelligence for the layman (such as myself)? I’ve been reading lots of general evolution books lately, and I’d like to branch out into some more specific topics.

    [Carl: There are a number of books on the evolution of the human brain, language, etc. I just got a review copy of a promising looking one by Dean Falk called Finding Our Tongues.]

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