Reminder: Lecture Tomorrow at UC Santa Barbara

soul-flesh.jpgI’m about to fly to California for my talk tomorrow at the Sage Center for the Study of the Mind in Santa Barbara, “Soul Made Flesh: Neuroscience in 1659 and 2009.” Here are the details.

Hope to meet some Santa Barbarans. (Or is that Santa Barbarians? Suddenly I have visions old Saint Nick with a pole-axe.)

[Image: Frontispiece to a Dutch edition of Anatomy of the Brain and Nerves (1665) by Thomas Willis. For more on Willis, see my book of the same name as my lecture]

0 thoughts on “Reminder: Lecture Tomorrow at UC Santa Barbara

  1. I always thought we were called Santa Barbarians. But maybe it was just my desire to be a barbarian of any kind. Say hello to my fair hometown – I miss her so. Your lecture looks fascinating.

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