Microcosm A Finalist for the LA Times Book Prize

A few cool items to report this snowy day about Microcosm, my book about life, E. coli, and everything.

1. I’m leaving the snow for a trip to LA next month. Microcosm is a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

2.  Library Journal also named Microcosm one of the top sci-tech books of 2008.

3. Joanne Manaster has started a nice YouTube series of science book reviews, including this one of Microcosm. (You can also see her review about Death from the Skies, by fellow Discover blogger Phil “Bad Astronomy” Plait).

0 thoughts on “Microcosm A Finalist for the LA Times Book Prize

  1. Carl, yours is the only book on that list that I’ve read (or that I own). I’m sure the others are good, but I’m pulling for you! 🙂

  2. Super nominations! You deserve them. (and thanks for the link to my vid) I’ve read Black Hole Wars, which deserves to be there, too, but am going to lean toward your book because of the fine crafting of the language in describing molecular biology (as you can imagine, it can be made quite dry). There were a couple of books about scent out recently and was stumped as to which one to pick (now I know which one!!) I gave up evolution books for lent, which started in January, right? I did slip up with Your Inner Fish….:-)

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