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NERS – the extended phenotype

The Reef Tank blog has published my post on whalefishes on their site. If you’re keen on marine biology, go and have a look – they’ve got a nice little community there.
And for any Polish readers, Racjonalista occasionally translates articles of mine into Polish for their readership.
Thanks to the webmasters of both sites for pushing out my stuff to a wider audience.

One thought on “NERS – the extended phenotype

  1. Hi, sorry to ask my question on this post but it seems I cannot on the original from yesterday (Chimps show that actions…). I don’t see the “Post a comment” part of the page.
    I just wanted to know if you were talking about their 2007 PNAS paper (Ape gestures and language evolution) or if there was a new one that I cannot seem to find.

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