Only Resist [Tattoo]

resistor.jpgCraig writes: “I’m a bioengineering undergrad and am currently interviewing for medical schools (MD/PhD programs).  I got this tattoo of a resistor on my wrist, somewhat on a whim.  I’ll always be a science geek at heart, however I truly desire to go into medicine in order to help people.  The resistor is a sort of reminder to me to ‘resist’ any temptation of money, power, or anything else in order to do good science and to help others.”

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  1. I like the “resist” tattoo. Its simple, creative and thoughtful.

    Your decision to go into medicine brings up an interesting question. How much of a personal statement do you think physicians should make in their appearance? What if a certain haircut or tattoo makes a clear personal statement, but would be off-putting to certain client groups? Should that be considered?

  2. This reminds me of Bastard Operator From Hell motto. I know what I have to “resist” in my thankless job! Sorry, I dish out humor darkly that way.
    If I ever get a tattoo, I might get something like a line of “perforation marks” across the back of my head with “press here to open” instructions!

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