Hate the Science Writing, Not the Science

3quarkdaily just picked up my little rant about an awful piece of science writing. They accompanied their post with a picture of the scientist profiled in the article, Hina Chaudhry. That juxtaposition made me a bit queasy–let me just make clear that I was not criticizing Dr. Chaudhry, just the article about her. Dr. Chaudhry is doing what scientists should: running experiments and getting her results published in peer-reviewed journals. Here’s a free link to a 2007 paper of hers on regenerating heart tissue. It’s up to us science writers in turn to find a better way to describe a scientist than as a “a pretty lady.”

0 thoughts on “Hate the Science Writing, Not the Science

  1. This article honestly reminded me of the way the futuristic news anchors spoke in the movie Idiocracy. Bizarre, bizarre writing.

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