Homage to Cajal [Tattoo]

cajal440.jpgA reader who asked to remain anonymous writes: “This is a Ramon y Cajal drawing of a human motor cortex pyramidal cell. I am a student of neuroscience and greatly admire Ramon y Cajal not only for his scientific contributions but for the artistic and beautiful quality of his images. This image reminds me of the vast and incredible power of the neocortex, and of the amazing capability of the human body.”

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  1. Very nicely done. And, in an era of ever-shrinking figure sizes in research journals, it’s good to see an anatomical image getting the amount of space needed for its proper reproduction. 🙂

  2. Cajal was a magician. He started the revolution – a paradigm shift – in Neuroscience. Besides getting the detail amazingly right, he is largely responsible for “the Neuron Doctrine”, the idea that neurons are separate entities, the fundamental processing units of the nervous system.

    Reading Gordon’s Shepherd excellent book, “The Neuron Doctrine”, its shocking how wrong and off-track many who preceded Cajal were. They were generally lost and talking about a different universe. Following Cajal, we’re all on the same page.

    There is the story of Cajal’s location – frontier Spain. As I understand it, he worked under primitive conditions, far from the language or location of the scientific establishment. He had to struggle to gain attention in these citadels.

  3. Wonderful image showing the breath-taking beauthy of Mandel’s geometry, I like since ever. Surely, the anonymous student of neuroscience will become an outstanding physician: mankind needs such as physician. I’dd like to stay in contact with him to send him two papers of mine, that reveals no local realm in brain , as well as in all other biological systems, demonstrating another functional beauthy paralleling anatomical one.
    Finally, compliments to both Davi and johnk for their comment: my English is poor.

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