Phenobarbitol [Tattoo]

phenotattoo.jpgMitchell writes: “My science tattoo is an illustration of the molecular structure of phenobarbital. My cat has epilepsy and I have to give her pheno twice a day to prevent her seizures.  I also have a background in chemistry and biology, so this tattoo is a tribute to both my cat and the nerdiness of science in general.”

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  1. I took phenobarb in the late 70’s for my epilepsy and now give it to my epileptic Husky daily. Current human seizure meds are a lot gentler on the psyche. I now take Lamictal and Keppra. When I took phenobarb I was numbed. I called it “living in a baggie” with a thin plastic film between me and the world. My dog doesn’t seem dulled by it.

    It’s hell to withdraw from. I got off too fast and started craving it – had to taper off slower.

    Nice tat.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, my cat gets pretty doped up (she’s tiny). She hates getting the nasty red liquid, but if I don’t give it to her, eventually she’ll come crying…my little kitty is a fiend for sure! I’d love to give her Keppra, but it’s just too darn expensive.

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