Ego, Id, Tattoo

freud.jpg Arwyn writes: “Even though psychology is a soft science. I present Sigmund Freud. The tattoo is part of a sleeve that I call ‘Freud’s Dream,’ hence the little thought bubbles.”

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0 thoughts on “Ego, Id, Tattoo

  1. I gotta say, that’s pretty badass. Well-done and striking. A very cool tattoo.
    But, I have two big problems with what Arwyn writes. First, I don’t consider psychological science to be “soft”. Remember, science is a method, not a particular topic area. It is possible to study behavior using the scientific method, and that’s what psychology is. And Freud? Well, he ain’t science. To be fair to Freud, he never claimed that his ideas were scientific.

  2. Freudian interpretation is related to interplay between the id and the ego. Unfortunately, this interpretation holds that the tattoo is a symbol of masculine protest. Taken to its fullest pathology, then, it is a determined effort to undermine homosexual tendencies. There are sociocultural implications but the reality holds that the Freudians relate the tattoo to strong masculine fullfillment.

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