Darwin Gets A 'Do

Darwin Mohawk

Billy, a psychology major, writes: “I love all forms of science, my favorite being evolutionary biology. So I decided to get this tattoo of Charles Darwin with a mohawk. I put a mohawk on him because I love punk rock music, and view him as revolutionary. ”

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0 thoughts on “Darwin Gets A 'Do

  1. I’m afraid that picture of Billy is not particularly flattering… downright ugly, in fact.

    I’m sorry. I used to come to this blog to read interesting things. Now, it seems that I see more pictures of people’s inked flesh than interesting posts.

    I don’t want to ruin anybody’s fun, but is it really necessary for this parade of “tribalistic masturbation” to happen on the main blog? There is a link to the emporium page if people want to look at this sort of thing.

    Anyway, I’ve said my peace. Your blog; your rules.

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