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Australiana #1 – Koala

So as I said, I will be posting wildlife pictures from my recent Australian adventure on a weekly basis. We begin with that most obvious of Australian critters – the koala. Unfortunately, we never managed to see one of these in the wild so these photos come from the Healesville Sanctuary and the Featherdale Wildlife Park, both superb collections of native species in generous enclosures.

Sleepy koala


Bearded koala


They may seen cuddly, but you don’t climb trees without claws like these


Surprising things that koalas apparently do…


4 thoughts on “Australiana #1 – Koala

  1. I think I’d enjoy living the Koala life: sleep for 16-20 hours, munch on some leaves, savage some unsuspecting tourist with my massive talons when he pokes me to get me to look at the camera, sleep some more..

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