The Hunter

OrionEmily writes,

I’m a physics major that’s going into planetary science and I’ve always been in love with the planets and stars. I actually have two science tattoos. One is the astronomical symbol for Jupiter, my favorite planet, and one of its biggest moons Io. The other one is my favorite constellation, Orion. I chose both of these because I’ve been fascinated by the universe and all it holds since I was really little.

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0 thoughts on “The Hunter

  1. Shouldn’t Orien’s belt have been where Emily’s belt would be? (And what happens when she’s in the Southern Hemisphere? Does she have to walk on her hands?)

  2. That was a really cool idea. A kind of a tattoo with a very small risk of ever regretting to have done 🙂 Good luck with the physics, an excellent field to study 🙂

  3. I have the whole constellation of Orion on my left arm but its freckles. Its really cool because I’m taking an Astronomy class and we just studied the constellation Orion. Some of the interesting facts I learned was that Orion was called the white tiger by the Chinese and thats been my favorite animal since I was a little kid; And the fact that the scorpion Scorpio killed Orion makes it even cooler because I’m a Scorpio. It’s a pretty cool but weird coincidence

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