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Pallen croppedJust a quick note: over to the right you’ll see a blog roll of some of my favorite blogs. I’m having a little trouble dumping all my favorite blogs at once into the right place on the back end, so I’ll just add them now and then. Today’s addition is a baby blog–The Rough Guide to Evolution. It’s by Mark Pallen, a British microbiologist and evolutionary biologist I’ve interviewed several times (see this National Geographic article for starters). You may also know Mark for his Origin of Species dub. Despite having his hands full (see image), Mark has just hammered out an eponymous book that will be published at the end of the year, and he promises to post on his blog every day till then…and beyond? Anyway–check it out.

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  1. Thanks Carl for the plug! But you have highlighted the fact that I really must tidy up and update my website. I am a lot older, fatter and uglier now, but at least the children sleep through the night!

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