Darwin Kong

Darwin Kong

Chris writes, “I teach science at a public school in eastern Mass. This tattoo was taken from a New Yorker cartoon that my wife and I both have hanging in our classroom’s (she teaches science, too). Most people think it’s her Dad…there is a resemblance. When told it’s Charles Darwin, too many people reply, “Who’s Charles Darwin?”. It’s kind of sad. I call this Darwin Kong, the establishment trying to destroy Darwin for the same reason it destroyed Kong, it just didn’t understand him.”

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  1. I find it hard to picture Darwin in this kind of blind, animalistic rage. I prefer the evolution version of the classic Che Guevarra poster. It has a monkey in the Che beret and the caption reads: Viva la Evolution!

  2. I’m sorry, but that tattoo is crap. Whoever did the art, needs to go back to school. Sorry, but people that believe they have a soul, make better art.

  3. Don’t forget, in this instance, Darwin was chased up the building, he just wanted his gorilla and some peace and quiet. They said the same thing about Kong. Kong was minding his own business before the man realized he could make a buck off of him. Well, minding his own business and eating female sacrifices.

  4. Stacy, that’s certainly not true. A toaster doesn’t have a soul (last time I checked with a pastor anyway) but it still printed a pretty convincing picture of Jesus. Personally, I think the tattoo depicted the 19th century style parody drawing pretty well.

  5. I find it interesting that Stacy says people who believe they have a soul versus people that have a soul. Ha. Anyway, I have seen the drawing from Barry Blitt (same guy who did the notorious Obama fist bump cover for the New Yorker) and the tat is a perfect replica. You may not like the drawing but don’t pan the tattooist. He was just doing what he was paid to do.
    ps- I don’t know if Barry Blitt is religious. 🙂 Ha.

  6. because they didn’t understand him? or because he threatened to destroy their hierarchy of lies?

    awesome tattoo, btw.

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