LSD Redux

LSD Redux

An anonymous reader writes:

D-lysergic acid diethlyamide…what a strange, wonderous, and downright amazing molecule. Having a background in biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology, I have long been fascinated by this enigmatic chemical. I initially planned on getting the regular simple stick molecular structure, and sat on that idea for close to 7 years. One night, fairly recently, a tattoo artist friend mentioned to me over lunch that the “ball and stick” model would look much better…what a simple, yet absolutely brilliant idea of which I have no earthly clue why I didn’t think of first. I had to let him tattoo me! It’s better than I ever could have imagined. The picture was taken within a few hours of completion, and there is tattoo ointment over it, making it glisten and giving the appearance of “spots” on certain atoms.

Carl: Takes the LSD theme up a notch, I’d say.

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0 thoughts on “LSD Redux

  1. Diggin’ this one up from the grave, but I just couldn’t resist…

    VERY Lovely!

    <3 INK
    <3 LSD

    While thinking of my next tattoo, I've decided on a full inside the arm piece with a graffiti style signature of sorts on my forearm. The real meat of the piece, though, as I said, will be inside of the right arm, and will center around two LSD and DMT molecules, morphed, in a kaleidoscope, new school 3D graffiti type of pattern fading outwards. Hrmmm…much hard to explain, but let's just say this…


    …and everyone who' is "in the know" will be sooooo jealous! LOL ;~)

  2. I have been thinking of the EXACT same thing. Well not exact, I want the stick structure and…OH YA, BLACKLIGHT. It’s gonna be crazy, I can tell already.

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