Vincent, “a fledgling mathematician,” writes:

This tattoo is of a microscope. 90% of the time when I show it to people they say ‘Oh! a telescope!’ I generally don’t correct them, I just get a little uncomfortable and put my shirt back on. Most of the images are copies of SEMs, the background figures include, a fish parasite, anthrax, a scoop of iced cream that has fallen off the cone, flea eggs, bone marrow, and a virus attacking a sun dried tomato! yum!

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0 thoughts on “Macroscope

  1. It is the most colorful tattoo that I have ever seen. How come anybody can call it a telescope?
    come out to a more educated world Vincent, where atleast 10 pecent will identify it wrong

  2. I am so happy to see that phage!

    For many years I thought about getting a T4 but never came up with a design I liked. I’m glad to see the virions getting their proper due elsewhere.

  3. Holy crap indeed . Reminds of the cover of an old paper back of Ray Bradbury sci fi short storys “The Illustrated Man” .
    I worked for ten years in the ever teasing world of mariculture, trying to create a successful hatchery on a tidal river on Long Island Sound – the peaceful part of my work day was working with a microscope on the six or seven single cell algol cultures we grew and checking on the viability of Mercenaria mercenaria fertilized eggs & doing mortality counts of viligers.
    I still have my early 1980s Bausch & Lomb – given the brass fittings, what is its age of your scope? Seeing your tattoo brought back fond memories of looking deep into inner space.

  4. Here is a story about that telescope/microscope confusion. I made a “Robin the Boy Wonder” costume for my daughter when she was about six. It was authentic and very cool. We went out trick-or-treating. Every grown-up who opened the door said excitedly, “Oh, Batman!” The human brain is a funny instrument.

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