Atom of the Future

Atom of the Future
Alan writes:

“After much consideration, I decided to get an atom tattoo. But what atom? Given that I’m an graduate student in organic chemistry at the University of Michigan, carbon seemed like the obvious choice. It also has the advantage of being small enough not to look too crowded. I went for a retro 50’s Jetsons sort of look. Believe it or not, the general shape (though not the coloring) is based on a piece of Microsoft Office clip-art.”

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  1. hiya
    This one is the best atom tattoo I’ve seen. i want to get an atom tattoo as well. Not only is my name Oppenheimer, but I’m also an expert in nuclear weapons and explosives…honest, guv… So, this is one tattoo that I won’t regret!
    How long did it take to have done, and how much did it hurt? like, did it sting, scratch, and burn? Did you beg for mercy? How does it compare to, say, severe sunburn or a mosquito bite? I’m a real softie, but determined to have it done. Also, where did you get the artwork? I am amazed at how many folks now have tattoos especially where I live [Brighton, on the English South Coast]. cheers, Andy

  2. Amazing!
    That is exactly the same carbon atom tattoo that I got prior to a tour in summer of 2007. When I explained to the tattoo artist what I wanted, the only question she asked was which element it was, when I explained it was Carbon she then asked me what color I wanted the 6 protons and 6 neutrons. That’s how I knew I had the right artist.

    The electron trails being colored is a nice touch.
    Crazy that I picked blue and red too.

    Check it out.

  3. In the thumbnail that led me here I thought it was on the tip of your finger… now that would be seriously cool, so tiny, if extremely painful.

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