Does The Golden Ratio Look Less Beautiful As Numbers?

golden ratioMilad writes:

“I am a Mechanical Engineering undergrad at UC Berkeley and I got this tattoo about a month ago. It’s the golden ratio in the shape of a rectangle, with the ratio of the sides of the rectangle actually being the golden ratio! I have been obsessed with this number since I heard about it in high school, and it is the reason why I became so fascinated with mathematics. The golden ratio is known to be the closest mathematical explanation of beauty. It has been used a lot in architecture, art, and music around the world, and has some amazing mathematical and geometrical properties.” Carl: Like DNA and atoms, the golden ratio is a favorite at the emporium. See these geometrical version.

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4 thoughts on “Does The Golden Ratio Look Less Beautiful As Numbers?

  1. The number PHI is merely the point of the circuitry used by Nature for organizing matter into systems. You can see this circuitry as the Matrix/DNA formula, Google this article: Phi Number: Its Secrets Solved by Matrix/DNA Formula.

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