Minds Evolving in Brooklyn

Do you live in Brooklyn? Or a subway ride from SUNY Downstate Medical Center? Are you free Tuesday May 20 at 4 pm? Then swing over for a lecture I’ll be giving on the evolution of mind. Here’s a copy of the poster (full size here). And while I’ll certainly be talking about human minds, you can expect other species to make cameos, from smart flies to clever hyenas to mindless E. coli. They all fit together into a big picture. See you there.

(PS: Just a reminder–I’ll also be at Harvard Book Store in Cambridge on Friday and the Field Museum in Chicago on Saturday to talk about Microcosm.)


0 thoughts on “Minds Evolving in Brooklyn

  1. Oh this is awful, I’m in Texas.

    Are you linked with SUNY? I’ve been thinking of applying there in a sort of biopsychology/archaeological ethology/paleontology sort of field. I think they have people interested in that, there.

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