On The Ground With The Smart Hyenas

In case you missed it, there’s a great article in Smithsonian about hyena intelligence, focusing on the work of Kay Holekamp, the subject of my recent piece in the New York Times. The author, Steve Kemper, spent time with Holekamp in hyena country in Kenya, seeing just how brutal (and fascinating) life as a spotted hyena can be.

Smithsonian Magazine | Science & Nature | Who’s Laughing Now?

update: link fixed.

0 thoughts on “On The Ground With The Smart Hyenas

  1. Carl, your last link points to page 2 of the article. I didn’t notice at first and it made it seem like it started awfully disjointed.

    It is quite interesting, though.

  2. I worked down the hall from the Holekamp lab and had many of her grad students (most of them are now PhDs) as TAs in various classes and I cannot say enough good things about them. I never looked too hard into their methods or anything, but I knew the people and they all seemed nice, helpful, and very devoted to their work so I’m glad they continue to garner national recognition for their work. (Plus it looks good for the whole Michigan State Dept. of Zoology…)

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