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“I have a degree in Computer Science, and I work with RFID (or at least I did till recently).” On his Livejournal blog, he adds, “For the curious, this is an Alien Technology’s European model Gen 1 Squiggle RFID tag. It’s actually copper in color and about six centimetres long. I scanned it and blew it up to a bit over twice it’s original size, and changed its color to black.”

Carl: RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID tags, which are embedded in many of the products sold today in stores, are programmed to store information about them. To get the information, you point an RFID reader at the tag and release a burst of radio waves. The energy from the waves powers up the tag, which then sends back a signal of its own. Paul’s RFID tattoo says a lot about him now, but, if he wanted, it could say a lot more. Maybe too much.

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  1. Why would you get a tattoo like that? I mean, you cna’t even really read what it says and you have to be really smart to understand the stuff. This just seems like a waste of money and something stupid to wear around.

  2. Computers is a sad, sad troll.

    That is one awesome tattoo! It is elegant in its simplicity, yet full of meaning. If i ever got a tattoo, one possibility I have thought of is to have it represent some form of circuitry.

  3. I like the simplicity of it too- reminds me in some way of it being efficient… and control.. if that has any meaning. Dunno, when I see it I think of those two latter words. Cool tattoo!

    Computers- you’re a moron and not worth the time or space. Get lost troll.

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  5. Based on the description, it could be an illegal reproduction of the firms IP. I wonder if copyright protection applies to tattoos anyway.

  6. Hey folks, this is my leg.

    The company that makes this particular RFID tag were very very chuffed that I’d got this tattoo, and wanted to send me some merchandise.

    People often ask me if it’s actually a word. I’ve had difficulty explaining exactly what it is, so I carry an RFID tag in my wallet!

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