Here is a picture of my serotonin tattoo. I don’t know that it needs much more explanation than it’s my favorite neurotransmitter.–Hayley

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17 thoughts on “Serotonin

  1. serotonin yes
    hayley yes please
    if only my biology teacher was that hot, id be doing neurosciences now
    not marine biology

  2. Yea, im not gonna lie thats probably the most awsome tat ive ever seen on a girl, are you on facebook haha.. im taking Neurobiology right now and it is the most interesting class i’ve ever been in. Neurotransmission in the brain along with memory congnition and reasoning are awsome topics, but i must say i am more of a dopaminergic fan

  3. Ok. You’ve convinced me. I should’ve gone into the sciences as well. Poor me. I actually learned a trade. Don’t see to many it-babes like that. 😀

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  5. Uhm whoops you’d think that whoever designed this tattoo would have had the NH2 be H2N and the OH be HO. The general rule is that if most of the bonds emanate to the right, the text pendant to the connecting atom goes to the left, and vice versa.

  6. You’d expect that someone who knows what a neurotransmitter does is capable of writing plain english.

    I also wonder how she came to realize that serotonin is her specific favorite, but I guess that would challenge the fact that she just wants to look interesting a bit too much.

  7. don’t you think its a bit large? I mean you have defaced you body with a chemical symbol why on earth would you do that? it seems so pointless. Its like an attempt at saying how much more intelligent you are than others; yet those intelligent enough to understand it would simply think your an idiot its quite amusing actually.

  8. That’s so cool! I’m reading Neurobiology right now and I’ve never studied anything of its like! I might get a similar tattoo (however much smaller) someday.

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